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Name Circular Date CircularFiles
The rate at which land will be allotted in Paradeep Plastic Park Limited at Plastic Park, Paradeep for establishment of industries is hereby revised. (No- 14 Date- 01/02/2023) 01/02/2023
The industrial units otherwise eligible can avail incentives as per the provision in IPR 2015 and/ or respective sectoral policy in accordance with the respective operatioal guidelines . (No- 30890 Date- 28/11/2022) 28/11/2022
Annual Infrastructure Maintenance Charges (IMC) payable by the MSME Units for the year 2021-22 (No- 28883 Date- 09/11/2022) 09/11/2022
Amendment to Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (Method of Recruitment and Conditions of Service) Regulations, 2019 17/09/2022
Lease Rent of the space in IT Incubation Center
Revision in Delegation of Power on expenditure to be made for "Road-side Eviction Programme"
Reservation of 5% Plots/ Sheds in Industrial Estates/ Areas for Women Enterpreneurs : 1629
Promotion of Women/ SC/ ST/ Physically handicapped Entrepreneurs in Odisha : 1622
Office Order to check the spread of Novel Corona Virus(COVID-19)
Notification for rates to lease and letting out the vacant spaces at Tower-2010, Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar.
Notification for land cost of PPPL.
Land rate alloted in PPPL at Paradeep for establishment of industries.
Corrigendum to Notification No- 22058 Date- 31.10.2018, the land rate has been revised from Rs. 12.00 lakh to Rs. 20.00 lakh per Acre at Kalinga Nagar , Jajpur (No- 25695 Date- 21/12/2018)
Office Order for COVID-19
Office Order No- 12223 Dated- 29/07/2021 for recruitment to the post of Deputy Manager (Civil) and Deputy Manager (Electrical) in IDCO
Decision on Allotment of Land in different Parks of IDCO in BMPR area in Khordha District
Process of Application for Land
Circular on Daily Minimum Wages
Notified Land Regulation
Notification No-07 DATED- 10/01/2017 The Industrial Land Rate i.e. at which land will be alloted in PPPL at Paradeep for establishment of Industries.  
Notification for Industrial Land Rate
Circular for Non-Refundable Processing Fees for Post Allotment Matters
Notification for Land Allotment Rate in Infovally
Revisions made in the Working Range for all existing Categories of the Vendors in IDCO
Land Regulation
Delegation of Power
Resolution for Reimbursement of Medical Claim 12.05.2014
Revisions Made in Working Ranges for the Existing Categories of Vendors in IDCO
Fee Structure for land use without approval, non implementation of projects etc.
Execution of Bipartite Agreement in place of Tripartite Agreement for mutual transfer of IDCO lease hold property
Consolideted Fee/Rate for Disposal of post allotment proposals in Industrial Estates/Areas
The rates for allotment of land in various Industrial Estates / Industrial Areas etc. 15.03.2010
One time Settlement (OTS) scheme-2010 to maximize collection of outstanding dues.
Regularisation of Encroached Land. / 23.07.2010
Notifying "Saturated" Industrial Estates/Areas./18.08.2009
Nomination of Nodal Agencies/4.06.2009
constitute a land allotment committee for all land under the ownership of IDCO/21.01.2010
No building plans in industrial plots allotted bu IDCO in various Industrial Estates in the state./13.08.2008
Clarification regarding allotment of land/dated 11.02.2009
Amendment for Simplification of procedure for mutual transfer of leasehold interest in IDCO allotted properties in Industrial Estates/Areas.
Incentive to boost occupancy in Fortune Towers. Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar (Circular No. 3116/26.2.04)
Guidelines for allotment of land in IEs/IAs for Educational/Technical/Management/Other Professional Institutions (Circular No. No. 413 dated 09.01.2004)
Procedure for allotment of additional land/sheds/buildingsin saturated IEs for expansion/modernisation of the existing industries (Circular No. 19923/26.12.2003)
Procedure for allotment of land/ shed in industrial estates for providing utilities/ amenities/ other infrastructure services to facilitate growth of industries (Circular No. 19921/26.12.2003)
Allotment of properties in Industrial Estates - Realization of cost on deferred payment basis (Corrigendum No. 19675/20.12.2003)
Allowing extended period for commercial production to allottees of land, shed etc. in industrial estates/ industrial areas of IDCO (Circular No. 19583/19.12.2003)
Simplification of procedure for allotment land/shed in Industrial Estates & delegation of power to Division Heads for such allotment to SSI / Tiny units (Circular No. 19699/22.12.2003)
One Time Settlement (OTS) Scheme - Circular No. 19585/19.12.2003
Grant of permission to the entrepreneurs for sub-letting IDCO allotted premises in IEs on temporary rental lease (Circular No. 19581/19.12.2003)
Grant of permission to the entrepreneurs for sub-dividing and sub-leasing the IDCO allotted premises in Industrial Estates (Circular No.19588/19.12.2003)
Regularization of excess land occupied by the industrial units in IEs/ IAs due to measurement/ demarcation errors (19577/19.12.2003)
Rationalization of Infrastructure Maintenance Charges (IMC) - Circular No. 19579/19.12.2003)
constitution of the firm in case of Industries allotted land/ shed in Industrial Estates (19590/19.12.2003)