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Land Acquisition - Procedure 


The entrepreneur is to first contact Promotional Agencies such as Industrial Promotion & Investment Corporation of Odisha Ltd., Agriculture Promotion & Investment Corporation of Odisha Ltd., Odisha Electronics Development Corporation Ltd., etc. along with project report and finalise the location taking in to account project requirements. IDCO extends help in identification of project site and collection of plan and schedule of land from the Revenue Authorities. While selecting the site, care is taken to avoid forest, communal, irrigated and homestead land at far as possible. Preference is being given to Government land.

On receipt of the application of the entrepreneur along with plan/schedule of selected land and recommendation of Promotional Agency, IDCO initiates the process of land alienation (for Govt. land) & acquisition (for private land). For Government lands, the alienation proposal is filled with the concerned Tahasildar whereas for private lands, the acquisition proposal is submitted to the Collector of concerned district

State Government have authorised the Collectors to alienate any quantum of Government land to IDCO without making any reference to higher Revenue Authorities. Similarly, IDCO being a statutory Corporation of the Govt., the acquisition of private land is made using the emergency provisions of Land Acquisition Act. Thus, the applications of IDCO for transfer of land are dealt by the Revenue authorities on the fast track.

The entrepreneur is required to make deposit of token amount ( roughly 10% of estimated cost) with IDCO at the time of filling alienation/acquisition proposals. Balance amount is paid as soon as the alienation or acquisition is finalised by the district administration.

The cost of Government land is charged at the rates notified in Industrial Policy. The acquisition cost of private land is worked out in accordance with the provisions of Land Acquisition Act.

For availing the services of IDCO for obtaining land, the entrepreneur is required to pay service charges @ 10% of land cost

On deposit of land cost and service charges, the alienated/acquired land is first transferred in favour of IDCO and subsequently in favour of the entrepreneur through proper lease agreement.


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